About Us

MICROTECH has a mission, and that mission is to power our whole nation. After this long journey, we can proudly say that, our great mission has seen long progress. This progress is a huge achievement for us. I believe that, this is not a personal achievement. Microtech is a concept, which shapes the standard of power and automation in Bangladesh. Seeing such enthusiasm among our clients, principles and professionals of this field gives me immense pleasure. I personally would like to welcome you all to our website and hope you would be a part of our long journey.


  • Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectation. We deliver quality Goods, Works and Services at reasonable & affordable prices with professional service excellence.

  • We provide specialized skilled services in operation & maintenance with outstanding performance in power Generation, Transmission and Distribution for promoting competition among various service providers.

  • We ensure improved and satisfactory services to our valued clients.

  • Our aim is to develop new mindset for all of our employs congruent with the corporate culture.

  • We will continue to be a leader in the power sector of the country.

  • We provide a safe environment for our employees and we give back to the community we are a part of.


  • Customers: We respond to our customers to provide quality & reliable services as their needs leading to the creation of an international standard.

  • Integrity: We try to do the right things. We admit when we are wrong.

  • Respect: We value diverse talents, perspectives and experiences. We treat others the way we want to be treated.

  • Safety: We put Safety First in all we do.

  • Future: We explore ways to grow our business and make it better.